Anticipated Questions

Take a look at anticipated questions and answers. If you have additional questions or cannot find the answer to your questions, please contact us.

Q. Questions related to Covid-19?

A. Oregon Health Authority and CDC guidance are constantly changing; and sometimes not in sync with each other. It's hard to answer each question specifically given the fast moving and ever changing requirements. HERE are the latest requirements we are required to follow as a preschool.  As the State updates their requirements, the link will also update. Our preschool is classified as a "Recorded Program" and falls under ORS 329A.255 or 329A.257

Q. Do I get refunded for time my child is excluded from class due to quarantine or illness?

A. While we certainly understand that not having your child in class is not ideal, we base our tuition on the cost of attendance over the whole academic year.  If we refunded each month a child was not able to come to class, regardless of the reasons, this would substantially increase the overall cost of attendance.  Books, supplies, and crafts are purchased and planned at the beginning of each academic year.  While we invoice each registrant for the entire academic year, not on a monthly basis,  we do offer a "monthly tuition installment" for your convenience.  You can view our full financial agreement HERE.

Q. How can I pay my child's Tuition?
A. Each parent will have a client portal/account to manage their documents, payments, etc.  You can pay your tuition using a credit/debit card directly from your portal account, mail us a check/money order, or give tuition payments to your child's teacher directly for processing. 

Q. You have 3 different addresses.  What address should I use.  

A. Our business is a separate entity from Clackamas Valley Baptist Church.  For this reason we maintain our own business addresses.  To send us tuition payments, letters etc., use our mailing address. For packages or larger items, you can use our package/physical address.  The church address is only our physical address for the purpose of dropping off/picking up your child.

Q. I cannot get my child vaccinated due to a medical reason, or choose not to vaccinate my child for a non-medical reason.  Can my child attend school?

A. Yes!  The great news is that your child is entitled to learn just as every other child is.  The State of Oregon has set out specific requirements for seeking immunization exemptions.  You can view those requirements HERE.

Q. How do we know if there are weather related delays/closures?

A. Faithful Foundations Preschool will follow Estacada School District guidance when determining if there will be a school closure.

Q. Is this a Christian School?

A. We are a private, Christian based preschool that is welcoming to all children aged 36 months to 5 years old.

Q. Do I need to purchase any school supplies for my children?

A. No, each registrant will pay a supply fee as part of their registration.  The school will purchase the necessary supplies for the whole school from those fees for the entire academic year.

Q. What types of snacks should I provide for my child?

A. Snacks can be individually packaged snacks such as fruit snacks, gold fish, granola bars etc.

In addition to your monthly snack, we always accept items in bulk such as graham crackers, animal cookies, crackers etc. to share. A fridge is available if you would like to bring cheese, yogurt, or fruit.

Q.  How much snack should I bring?

A. Please bring in enough for the whole class.  If your child's class has 10 students, please bring in at least 10 items. Exact class size may vary.  Please talk to your child's teacher for enrolled class size.

Q. My child has special food allergies, what do they eat at snack time?

A. Your child will bring in their own snack that is separate from the other students' snack. We encourage students to bring in a small container filled with their own snacks that can be kept at the school rather than having to pack a special snack for each school day.

Q. I didn't register my child for  Friday class at registration, can I sign them up for only this month?

A. Yes, you can register the optional Friday class on a space available month by month basis.  Additionally, you can withdraw from the optional Friday class for the following month with a 30 day notice. If you select the optional Friday class at registration, we will invoice your account separate from your enrolled class at the beginning of each month.

Q. Does my child need to be potty trained? What if my child wears Pull-Ups?

A. Yes, Your child should be potty trained. Your child can wear Pull-Ups, but if it needs to be changed, a parent must come to change it. Staff is NOT authorized to change diapers/Pull-Ups.

Q. Can I choose who my child's teacher is?

A. Depends.  we may only have one teacher for each grade level. When/if we have multiple classes for each grade level, there will be an option on your registration form to indicate your preference.

Q. What is your discipline policy? 

A. Discipline, while an important educational tool for child development, is primarily done by the parents. If we have any habitual behavior issues, parents may be called into the school to be corrected. If the behavior is not corrected, we may dismiss your child until the behavior is addressed.

Q. Are tuition & fees tax deductible?

A. While we are not a tax service, to the best of our knowledge childcare expenses including our preschool would qualify for a tax credit.  You can find more information about tax deductions and childcare here.  Please check with your accountant or tax professional for specific answers related to your tax situation.