2022/2023 School Calendar

We have about a 50/50 split from Estacada School District & Oregon Trail School District.  We have attempted to incorporate a calendar that closely follows both districts. While it will not be perfect for all families, we have tried to make it as flexible to both district calendars as possible. 

August 2022_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 4.56.25 PM.png
October 2022_edited.jpg
November 2022_edited.jpg
December 2022_edited.jpg
January 2023_edited.jpg
February 2023.jpeg
March 2023_edited.jpg
April 2023_edited.jpg
May 2023.png

Google Calendar Version

You can subscribe to this calendar and save it to your Google calendar.  It's not as color coded as the calendar above, but can be useful for your convenience.